Why Did The Romulans Leave Vulcan?

Why did Romulans use Klingon ships?

There are several explanations/theories advanced as to why the Romulans use Klingon ships.

The real reason is simply because the original Romulan model ship was gone..

Why do Romulans hate androids?

It’s possible that, at some time, a group of Romulans encountered a synthetic race and were horrified at their inability to read them using telepathy. They would naturally consider synthetics to be “Other,” not truly alive, and thus would be disturbed by their mimicry of life.

Are Romulans as strong as Vulcans?

A Romulan has the potential to be as strong as a Vulcan, however the typical Romulan is not going to live 24-7 on Vulcan like gravity. The end result is that physically a typical Romulan will certainly be weaker on average than the typical Vulcan.

What is the most powerful race in Star Trek?

Here are The 15 Strongest Star Trek Species, Ranked From Weakest To Most Powerful!8 THE NACENE.7 THE PROPHETS.6 THE BREEN.5 THE BORG.4 SPECIES 8472.3 THE JEM’HADAR.2 THE CHANGELINGS.1 THE Q.More items…•

What is Starfleet’s most powerful ship?

the Invincible-classDesigned as part of Starfleet’s advanced technology starship program, the Invincible-class emerged from the dockyards in 2384 as the most sophisticated, most comprehensively armed, most impressive and the most advanced starship in Starfleet.

Can Romulans mind meld?

3 Answers. They used to have telepathic abilities, but not anymore. … It is explained in Vulcan’s Soul that the Romulans rejected the telepathy of the Vulcans and slaughtered or enslaved the telepathic ones among them during their exodus to the Romulan system: the telepaths became the Remans.

Can Romulans spit acid?

The spitting Romulan confused me at first too, but he bites into some sort of “Suicide Capsule” which spits acid or something onto his weapon, causing it to overload and explode, killing Dahj. … General consensus is that the Romulan bit into some sort of capsule before spitting, a secret agent cyanide pill.

Did Romulans create the Borg?

It’s possible that the big secret of Star Trek: Picard is that the Romulans are actually responsible for the creation of the Borg Collective. We learn in “Maps and Legends” about the Zhat Vash, a secret cabal within the already super secretive Romulan Tal Shiar.

What color is Klingon Blood?

lavender(audio commentary, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Special Edition) DVD) The Klingon blood was colored lavender specifically for ratings and plot purposes. In essence, the purple blood was intended to show up as clearly alien.

Do Romulans have emotions?

No, Romulans don’t surpress their emotions. It’s just that we’ve met a lot of military types who seem to be uptight about everything.

Why do Romulans look like Vulcans?

Romulans look nearly identical to Vulcans, because Romulans used to be Vulcans. That is, until they split from their logical brethren to found their own world roughly around the 4th century CE.

Are the Romulans evil?

The Romulans are one of the most prominent villains of Star Trek, one of the few alien races in the series that has remained hostile towards the Federation, having never truly been defeated nor allied, though they did join forces with them in the war against the Dominion.

Why do Romulans look different in Picard?

When they capture a Zhat Vash agent and he refuses to answer questions, Laris points to prisoner’s forehead ridges as proof that he’s a “stubborn northerner” like Zhaban. This distinction helps clarify why the Romulans have looked different in various versions of Star Trek.

Are Romulans telepathic?

Romulans were telepathic, but they died off soon after the exodus from Vulcan.

Why did the Romulans disappear?

So if there were a Klingon-Romulan War during this time, it would have to take place before the Alliance was agreed upon. Maybe the Federation-Klingon Alliance is what ended such a conflict, and the Romulans retired to their own space once again to lick their wounds and brood over how mean the universe is.

What happened to the Romulans?

In this movie it’s revealed that the Romulan homeworld has been destroyed by its sun going supernova – an event the Federation failed to stop – and a small group of survivors travel back in time to try and prevent the catastrophe.

What happened to Romulan spy in Picard?

The Romulan secret agent was last seen being dragged away by Soji’s brothers and sisters, pleading in vain for her to listen to him – something Soji won’t do again after he tortured and tried to kill her aboard the Artifact.

Klingons, on the other hand are an entirely separate planet, culture and species. No relation to Vulcans or Romulans at all. … Vulcans and Romulans are cousins. Both species originated on the same world, and they may still be able to cross-breed.